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2017 SPN/J2 Reversebang Art Master Post

Title: Interlude for RBB 2017
Story: cherie_morte
Pairing: J2
Rating: PG
Medium: Digital
Summary: Do you remember when we were young and naive, when we spent all day on this hill sharing headphones and kisses while your dog played with those purple flowers that always stuck on our clothes? Have you forgotten those days? Have you forgotten me?

My first time participating in RBB and it was a lot of fun. Much love and kisses and toe biting to my writer cherie_morte for claiming the art prompt and for writing (and writing and writing) this story based on just this picture and some text. I love what you came up with and can't wait to roll around your words again. Please all go read the story and give her love!

Thank you to the mod of J2/SPN RBB for this challenge!


More under the cut.

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Gift for non_tiembo_mala

Title: Our Little Tree
Giftee: non_tiembo_mala
Gifter: fridayblues
Characters: Sam&Dean (or weecest if you wink;))
Medium: Digital art (PS)
Rating: very PG
Summary: Dean finds a small tree in the middle of nowhere. It's not Christmas yet but it's perfect for their small motel room and he knows Sammy is going to love it.
Also post in spn_j2_xmas

(bigger version below the cut)

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Art for "How Does Your Garden Grow" by majestic_duck (Quicky Bang 2016)

My first year joining quicky_bang and I got to paint some Sam and Dean for this bittersweet story >>>

"How Does Your Garden Grow" by majestic_duxk.

“Dean! Dean!”

Dean came running from the house, gun at his side. Only to stop short. Sam was on his knees in front of the tiniest little plants he’d ever seen. Putting on the safety, he tucked the gun into the back of his pants. Sammy didn’t need to see that in his little slice of paradise. Still, he looked around suspiciously. Just in case.

“Whatcha got, Sammy?”

Sam turned to face Dean, a reverent smile on his face. “Look at them, Dean! These are bean sprouts.”

Link to fic: AO3

Note: Thank for the patient mod beelikej for the fun challenge and for nudging me to work faster (I needed that) and thanks majestic_duxk for the lovely & inspiring story. I'm so sorry about the delay! Hope you like the little art I did :D

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Happy Halloween!

I did a quick art of happy!Jared and confused!Jensen this Halloween. This is the quickest art I've ever done ... (4 hours -- not that quick lol but my other arts took at least 2 days!)

so Happy Halloween :D

J2 Halloween 2016.jpg
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The boys in Roque mag!

Rough Mag 01.jpg

I am so productive lately I hope it's not just a phrase or sth lol Here is the first version of the boys from Rogue magazine. It only took me a few hours while watching TV to finish it. Hooray. The second version is a sketch. Will post it tmr cause I don't want the post to be too long and I hate to put it under the cut.

Look at their cute noses though.
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Bigbang 2016 Art Masterpost "Warm Nights and Southern Stars"


This year, I have teamed up with the lovely riyku. It has been very exciting from the moment I knew that I have claimed her fic cause I'm a big fan of her writings. I went all digital this time. Have tried many new techniques and had a lot of fun :D

Go read it HERE and shower her with love!

All the arts are below the cut.
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I want to thank riyku for writing such beautiful story! She let me explore and gave me free reign to create arts the way I wanted. I'm glad we finally did it :D :D :D Also thanks to wendy, the ever patient mod of Supernatural/J2 Bigbang Challenge. I had a lot of fun and have learnt a lot as an artist.

Now that I'm done, time to catch up on all the stories!

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