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Artworks for Supernatural Big Bang 2009

So...yes...I've signed up with spn_j2_bigbang to do artworks for beckaandzacand her story called "We Clean Up and Now It's Time to Learn". The due date to post is July 7 so if you've been following bigbang '09, do not sneak to look at this post first and had better wait and read the story before getting here.

Anyway, Jensen and Jared are in love behind the cut :P 

I call the first one the poraloid version and it's from the full version that's called a notice board version (the second one). I got no cellbrain left to think of facier names after spending nights staring cross-eyesed at them lol. Below are the boys in school. There're 2 versions as well, one is just Jensen and Jared and the other features their friends in the story.

I suck at all the description know the drill, click for biggie. And hope you like them, esp. beckaandzac 


Thanks the bigbang princesses  audrarose   thehighwaywoman and  wendy  for creating this fun event. And thanks and hugs to my personal cheerleader (*hugs you*) who has been cheering me from the other side of the globe :D equally_dour
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