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Bigbang 2016 Art Masterpost "Warm Nights and Southern Stars"


This year, I have teamed up with the lovely riyku. It has been very exciting from the moment I knew that I have claimed her fic cause I'm a big fan of her writings. I went all digital this time. Have tried many new techniques and had a lot of fun :D

Go read it HERE and shower her with love!

All the arts are below the cut.

The first art I did was this one:

It was crazy!. I drew the boys first, then added a zillion photoshop textures lol. I always love playing around with photoshop and I think it took me 3 days to finally mix the right textures together. While it was fun, my head hurt! So I decided to go easy with the next art which was the poster. I drew the boys first, then the trees, the windmill and finished it up with one texture as the background. I loved the result cause you can kind of feel the loneliness there. The boys are obviously not together and you cannot help wondering if they will have their happy ending. I'm usually not so good at conveying emotions through my arts but I guess this one is ok.


Oh. I kind of love the clean version of the boys too so here it is. Please excuse my messy lines and focus on the beauty of Jensen's freckles and Jared's nose :D

The next art I did was the boys when they were young and played with the leaves. When I read this part, I decided right there that I will draw this scene 'cause it was just so lovely! But I had no idea how to do it so I browsed the 'illustration tag' on pinterest and voila! This was one simple. I didn't use any textures and only used green, black and white color, then added some text from the story--the technique I'm sure I will use more in the future.


The last one I did was this one. I present to you happy, smoochy, awkward hand-holding boys.


Did someone say something about simplicity? lol Anyway, the boys deserved their happy ending art so I did one! I didn't apply any textures but drew all the flowers, the fence and the wall. Colored them, then used about 10 different brushes to paint trees. I also played around the lightings and other functions in photoshop. My right wrist hurt but it was worth it.

So this is it! Hope you enjoy my little arts.

I want to thank riyku for writing such beautiful story! She let me explore and gave me free reign to create arts the way I wanted. I'm glad we finally did it :D :D :D Also thanks to wendy, the ever patient mod of Supernatural/J2 Bigbang Challenge. I had a lot of fun and have learnt a lot as an artist.

Now that I'm done, time to catch up on all the stories!

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