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Wincest Bigbang 2017 Art Masterpost "

Art Master Post for wincestbigbang
Title: A Shadow of What Would Be
Story by wetsammywinchester
Medium: digital (wacom/PS)
Link to story: AO3 / Tumblr (coming soon)

First time joining wincestbigbang as a pinch hitter was fun! It's been a long time since the last time I created Sam and Dean (and wincest!) art so I was both excited and nervous. I also had a lot of fun exchanging idea and chatting with my author, Paula @ wetsammywinchester. She is so talented and her Sam and Dean are spotted on. Besides, what is the chance for a Sam!Girl to get assigned as a pinch hitter for another Sam!Girl??? I'm beyond happy, and giddy!. Reading her story made me miss the early seasons of SPN :( I will have to rewatch them all!

Please go read this awesome story and shower her with love and hugs :)

Shadow of what would beTitle_small.jpg

More under the cut. Hope you enjoy the art and my usual rumbling!

I started drafting the main poster first, on paper. After reading the story, I knew what I wanted right away: *spoilers alert* Sam and not!Dean in front of the slightly jarring door with blue light leaking from the inside.

The first draft was lousy lol

I spent sometimes trying to find the perfect reference pictures of Sam and Dean in this exact position and moved to photoshop.

Dean was too pretty but I can't do anything about that. I just followed the reference, ok? So now we got Not!Dean in a red Standford hoodie and Sam who looked unwell. Then we had a wall. Next, I needed a jarring door and some blue lights.

The lights and shadows made Sam look even more pale and unwell, and I liked it cause it was in tune with the story. My author also thought it was a good idea to make Dean and his red hoodie stood out. So readers can see that there was something wrong with this Dean (because, *spoilers*, he was not Dean!). Dean wouldn't wear a Standford hoodie! I hope I can put Standford text somewhere on the hoodie to make the point clearer. But cannot, cause the text was supposed to be on the front :(

The final version was satisfying though :D Dean still looks too pretty but well...

Shadow of what would beTitlePic.jpg

I also did ending pic and it was Sam reading text from the real Dean on his phone. I loved this image from the story so much. It was hopeful and sweet but not too sweet. And the last word OMG. I just needed to add the word into the pic cause it was perfect. This one was not so complicated. Sammy is smiling again. Everything is good now.

Shadow End01.jpg
Shadow End02.jpg

And.... the finished product!

Shadow End Pic.jpg

I also did one simple divider :) You have to read the story to know what this thing is representing :D


Done and done! Hope you enjoy!

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